Home accents


Bougies La Francaise dripless dinner taper candle, America's favorite @giftonaline

 Over 110 years of expertise have enabled Bougies La Francaise to become an essential player in the world of high quality scented candles and household fragrances.  


Artiga French Linens colorful, original, sturdy linens from kitchen, to home decor to outdoors

Artiga linens are colorful and sturdy canvas to adorn your table and look great in your kitchen. 

100% proudly made in France

Skin care

Apot.care skincare a luxurious line for the beauty of your skin.

APOT.CARE anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle solutions that effectively bring back the glow of youth to your skin.


Karien Belle embroidered poetry scarves and clutches

Karien Belle poetry scarves/throws are a combination of lovely eye-catching embroidery and beautiful art work accessory. 


Herbal extracts for the family health made from organic plants @giftonaline

Natural Hope herbals tinctures, salves made from organic plants for the benefits of your body.

Essential Oils

Organic essential oils by Bougies la Francaise @giftonaline

Discover the synergy of organic oil blends for diffuser ; a subtle and harmonious combination born from the fruit of the collaboration between Bougies La Française and a French aromatherapy laboratory.